Floor Plan and Elevations

Floor Plan and

2D Black and White Floor Plan

2D Black and White
Floor Plan

Our 2D Black and white floor plans are drawn to indicate the property layout in detail. It conveys a complete make-over to blueprints and complicated diagrams. These plans and diagrams are perfect for those who want to re-draw the existing plans, add extensions, or draw new build plans. Our high-quality 2D Black and white floor plans are best for real estate marketing, home, and energy appraisals, as well as for home improvement projects. With Virtual Axis, it’s easy to create 2D Floor Plans for print and web. Turn your ideas into reality with Virtual Axis!  

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2D Textured/Color Floor Plan

2D Textured/Color
Floor Plan

Our 2D floor plans with color and texture spice up the layout designs, so that you can get an overall idea of your house design plan. You’ll exactly know where to place your furniture, tiles, or carpets that can give your house an inviting appeal. Our 2D texture floor plan can help you to make a better buying decision. With techniques of using textures to floor plans, we give depth to floor plan and create an excellent illustration of the buildings. 

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3D Floor Plan

3D Floor Plans help your buyers to have a complete understanding of space, functionality, and convenience. Our high-quality, and accurate 3D Floor Plans allow the engineers and dealers to enhance their project branding. Our 3D floor plans are created in the 3D color for showcasing the materials, furnishings, and textures in the 3D form. Contact us today to showcase your apartment, bungalow, or commercial building and sell your property faster with Virtual Axis Studio! 

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2D Colored Elevation

2D Colored

Nowadays elevations are considered to be the first impression that attracts customers attention. It is the most valuable marketing tool for your clients so that you can impress the builders and agents when you want to sell your property. At Virtual Axis Studio we provide colored elevation rendering with the exact dimensions and exterior textures and materials. Our 2D colored elevation consists of roofing lighting, shadowing, and detailed landscaping. Customize your elevation rendering and building design as per your requirement. Reach out to us today!

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3D Elevation

The 3D Elevation designs are the face of the building which creates the first impression of the home which increases your reputation. Virtual Axis 3D Interiors make unique and highly accurate 3D elevation design for houses and apartments. Our 3D elevation designs are created for all sides like corners of the house, by including day view and night view. Our 3D elevation design ideas help you to get a thought about the various types of elevation design such as contemporary elevation design, 3d elevation for duplex, and villa elevation design, etc.

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Interactive Floor Plan

Virtual Axis Studio’s Interactive Floor Plan amplifies the visual impact of your 3D Floor Plan by highlighting the spots with featured images and videos to the prospective buyer to have a more immersive feel for the property with an embedded floor plan. This service helps the buyer to visualize themselves living in it before they walk through the front door and have a better view with more confidence about the property by knowing exactly how the rooms are arranged, which lets them assign rooms ahead of time. Our interactive floor plan tools are a best way to view the design of your property with any obligation. It’s easy for your potential client to view the design on all modern devices and browsers. So, what are you waiting for contact us today to shape your home!

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Site Plans

Generally Site Plans enlighten and engage your prospective customers by allowing them to visualize the site of the property. It’s most comfortable way to view every corner of the property with physical presence. And also it provides a lot of information’s like displaying the floor in details by including their name, and sqft to your prospective customers about the construction status, availability, and much more. They can easily view through any devices like Mobile, Desktop, and, PC. Virtual Axis Studio’s site plans are done in real-time by using easy to use maintenance platform with the help of this platform it is easy to update the information. Reach out us today to know more about our service!

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