Our Story

Virtual Axis Studio LLP commenced its operations in 2017 in India and since then, it has been witnessing continuous growth and success with the help of qualified professionals. VAS is the one-stop solution for all your real estate marketing needs. We serve customers from the U.S, Australia,  the U.K, and India . And we follow a customer-centric ideology in order to deliver excellence in all projects. We understand the efforts involved in the real estate business that’s why our team uses the right tools and advanced technologies to deliver desired outcomes.
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Virtual Axis Studio -A global leader in creative and technology domains

Virtual Axis Studio has dominant presence in the field of Photo Editing, Floor Plan, Video Editing Services, Virtual Replacement, Virtual Dusk, and more. Virtual Axis Studio was set up with the objective of providing comprehensive end-to-end customized services & solutions  in Photo, Video editing and 3D services. We use cutting-edge technologies in order to provide a perfect and realistic visualization. Our highly skilled and experienced professional team is passionate about what we do, and what our customers want. The success and recognition which is earned by Virtual Axis Studio are attributed to the deployment of streamlined processes and to a team of professionals who are extremely passionate about their work. Contact us to visualize your dream projects!

Our Journey

With years of experience in this field and with a strong focus and support from our team we are continuously improving. Virtual Axis Studio emerged as the most trusted outsourcing partner in creative and technology domains.

What Our Clients Are Saying

I had a very difficult assignment to photograph in which the kitchen of an expensive home was not finished. I asked Virtual Axis Studio to finish the kitchen and to ensure it was luxurious-looking. I was impressed with the questions I was asked to ensure they understood my end goal. I basically gave them the green light to design the space as they felt best. To my utter delight, their submission blew me away! Their creativity and attention to detail did not compare to what was otherwise available on the market via virtual staging services and the like. I highly recommend Virtual Axis Studio!

Art Moreno Jr. Photographer

Virtual Axis Studio has been a pleasure to deal with. They are able to work conceptually with many of our requirements and delivers a finished, quality product on time. I’ve worked with VAS for quite some time and enjoy the relationship we’ve developed over the years. I would highly recommend VAS if you’re looking to develop a good vendor/team relationship.

Michael Basch President/CTO at Virtual Access Tours

Virtual Axis Studio has been essential for my company growth. Having a global partner like VAS allows me to focus on other areas of my business. Their communication, production, and quality are second to none. I highly recommend using their services. Whether you are a solo practitioner or a large company, Virtual Axis Studios will take your business to the next level.

Daniel Morris CEO | Visual Marketing & Design

We often request floor plan renderings from Virtual Axis Studio. Our turnaround times are quick. Virtual Axis Studio responds promptly and gets the job done with exceptional high quality. They are good communicators and deliver a high-quality final product. We highly recommend their services. Thank you, Virtual Axis Studio!

The marketing team at HFO Investment Real Estate